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EU-US Relations

How EU-US Relations Work
In 1990, the Transatlantic Declaration formalized relations between the EU and the US. Five years later, the New Transatlantic Agenda outlined a new framework for our relationship, including four areas for joint action: promoting peace, stability, democracy, and development; responding to global challenges; contributing to the liberalization and expansion of world trade; and improving communication and ensuring a long-term commitment to our partnership.
Delegation of the European Union to the United States, 2016

US Relations with the European Union
US cooperation with the EU is based on the Transatlantic Declaration of 1990 and the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA), adopted in 1995. This cooperation, which has been gradually deepened and broadened, takes place on many levels and includes summit meetings at the level of heads of state and government between the US, the European Commission and the country holding the EU Presidency.
United States Mission to the European Union, 2016

Remarks on the Transatlantic Relationship
The most indelible connection we share is the miracle of 70 years ago when, from the ashes of global devastation and genocide, the United States and Europe built institutions that would help prevent the repeat catastrophe of another generation of young European men being lost in yet another global conflagration. Those institutions fostered the most sustained period of economic growth in history, the most amazing melding of different people and culture and language.
John Kerry, US Secretary of State, October 2016

Polish Official: Brexit Threatens Trans-Atlantic Ties
An abrupt and messy U.K. departure from the European Union risks weakening the trans-Atlantic ties between the bloc and the U.S., Poland’s deputy prime minister said Saturday, adding that Britain should seek to maintain a close economic relationship with the EU.
Jason Douglas, October 2016
The Wall Street Journal


Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
In an effort to continue providing the public with information on T-TIP, this website includes a number of resources, they include a summary of US objectives, negotiating round and public forum information, T-TIP blog posts, facts sheets, reports, and press releases.
Office of the United States Trade Representative, 2016

What is TTIP about?
The EU is negotiating a trade and investment deal with the US - the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - or TTIP.
European Commission, 2016

Trading Places
What the aversion to global trade says about Europe and America
The Economist, April 2016

Minorities Rights

Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Factsheet
Political and economic upheavals and wars in the last centuries have spurred migrations to and within Europe which have created societies that are rich in ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. As a result, many minorities have been confronted with discrimination and even denial of citizenship. They have often been and are excluded from employment, housing, education and access to health services or justice. Many of them are under-represented in European governments and institutions which makes it difficult for them to find political redress to violations of their rights.
Council of Europe, April 2016

Black Lives Matter in France, Too
The death while in police custody of Adama Traoré, a 24-year-old black man, in a town near Paris on July 19 set off days of violent clashes between angry minorities and police officers.
The New York Times Editorial Board, July 2016

Business and Economics

Apple to Repatriate Overseas Cash Pile Next Year, Says Cook
Chief executive sets aside billions for higher US tax bill while calling EU ruling ‘political crap’.
Alex Barker, Tim Bradshaw and Duncan Robinson, September 2016
The Financial Times

The Culture of Effort and the US-EU Divide in Labour Market and Firm-Level Outcomes
Differences in labour market and firm statistics between the US and Europe are easy to dismiss as cultural. This column applies an equilibrium model of worker screening and effort to cross-country data, showing that a large chunk of observed differences can be explained by the strategic interaction between firm and worker strategies. Evidence suggests that the US is in a high-screening, high-effort equilibrium, while southern Europe is in the complementary equilibrium. Perhaps culture is more economic than we might assume.
Alessandra Bonfiglioli, Gino Gancia, July 2014

European Push to Take on Silicon Valley Gathers Steam
Tech leaders, global corporations, universities and financial institutions have joined the European Commission in two initiatives to nurture Europe's tech and digital startups into global internet companies.
European Commission, January 2014

Risky Banks face Higher Capital Needs from Latest Basel Reforms
Risky lenders may face a “significant” increase in capital in the latest round of bank safety reforms, the global standard-setter has warned in a development that is likely to exacerbate a transatlantic spat and threaten co-ordinated worldwide banking rules.
Caroline Binham and Jim Brunsden, October 2016
The Financial Times


What is NATO?
This brief report outlines NATO's mission, vision, key activities and organizational structure.
NATO Public Diplomacy Division, 2016

Just Five of 28 NATO Members Meet Defense Spending Goal, Report Says
Most NATO countries are boosting their military spending by small amounts if any, despite the concern over Russia’s growing assertiveness, according to a report released […] by the alliance.
Naftali Bendavid, June 2016
The Wall Street Journal

Turkey’s Relations with NATO
Ever since our NATO membership in 1952, the North Atlantic Alliance has played a central role in Turkey’s security and contributed to its integration with the Euro-Atlantic community. Turkey, in return, has successfully assumed its responsibilities in defending the common values of the Alliance.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey, 2016

Cyber Policy

EU-US Privacy Shield: Progress for Privacy Rights
We at Microsoft welcome the new EU-US Privacy Shield decision, which the European Commission is expected to announce on 12 July. It sets a new high standard for the protection of Europeans’ personal data. Microsoft regards privacy as a fundamental right and we believe the Privacy Shield advances this right.
John Frank, July 2016
Microsoft EU Policy Blog

Hype and Fear
America is leading the way in developing doctrines for cyber-warfare. Other countries may follow, but the value of offensive capabilities is overrated
The Economist,

US-German Relations

The Future of Transatlantic Relations (NEW)
Germany and the United States are deeply linked together: Our joint history has led us through both bright and dark chapters and resulted in the deep friendship we enjoy today. That friendship is based on our shared commitment to personal freedom and dignity, which only a vibrant democracy under the rule of law can guarantee.
Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, November 2016
Wirtschafts Woche

US Relations with Germany
Fact Sheet
US Department of State Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, November 2015

Transatlantic Relations – cornerstone of German Foreign Policy
Alongside European integration, the transatlantic partnership is the most important pillar of German foreign policy. The United States is Germany’s closest ally outside Europe.
German Federal Foreign Office, 2016