Atlantic Expedition – Modernizing Transatlantic Relations is an Atlantische Initiative fellowship and exchange program. By assembling a diverse team of leaders of tomorrow, the fellowship aims to reform and reinvigorate the transatlantic partnership, ensuring that it better reflects the evolving priorities of modern society.

Fellows have the opportunity to publish their policy ideas, meet with decision-makers and opinion leaders, network and collaborate with their peers, and travel together to the United States and Germany.


The first Atlantic Expedition took place in February and March 2017 and we are now seeking applications for the second expedition to Chicago and Houston in October 2017. The deadline for applications is June 18, 2017.

The program is not limited to experts in transatlantic relations, but is open to applicants with a wide variety of professional, academic and cultural backgrounds as the goal is to broaden and modernize the debate and to generate new ideas from fresh perspectives.