For a summary and an update on the first Atlantic Expedition, please find reports, memos and photos via the following link.


The first expedition will see 30 fellows — 10 Germans living in Germany, 10 Americans living in the US, and 10 Americans living in Germany — travel to Hamburg, Dresden and Berlin, for six days during late February/early March 2017. From arrival in Hamburg until the end of the trip in Dresden, accommodation, meals and travel costs will be covered by the fellowship. The trip will offer the fellows the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their collaboratively authored Atlantic memos, during meetings and networking sessions with a variety of transatlantic stakeholders involved in politics, the military, business and wider civil society.

Preparation (December 1, 2016 - February 12, 2017)

The aim of Atlantic Expedition is to encourage a new generation of leaders to bring fresh ideas to the transatlantic debate. To ensure that fellows get the most out of the trip, preparation beforehand is necessary.

Phase 1
Those who applied for the fellowship will first engage in a three-week online debate, to begin on December 1, 2016. Applicants will have their articles progressively published on our website, and will have the opportunity to comment on others’, offering feedback and allowing authors to defend and elaborate on their opinions. This process of open debate will allow a consensus to emerge among participants, as to themes of particular interest, and common points of view on key issues.

Phase 2
On December 09, 2016, 30 fellows will be selected to take part in the trip. From December 19 until February 12, with the backing and guidance of Atlantische Initative, fellows will divide into working groups, to co-author an Atlantic Memo of policy recommendations aimed at modernising and realigning transatlantic relations, using the consensus achieved during the debate as a springboard. Compromise and teamwork will be essential if fellows' diverse range of opinions and interests are to be translated into concrete policy proposals.

The second phase is a relatively long one, not due to a particularly heavy time commitment requirement, but so as to accomodate participants' work and vacation schedules. Fellows aren't expected to work continuously throughout this period; other than a few Skype calls, participants will have a high degree of flexibity as to when they work on the collaborative memo.


The Expedition (February 26-March 3, 2017)

Sunday: Fellows will arrive in Hamburg, and will be free to discover the city. Joint dinner in a typical Hamburg restaurants.

Monday: In the morning, fellows will prepare for a later presentation of the Atlantic Memo before experts and stakeholders. The afternoon and evening will provide further time for exploring Hamburg together, and for participating in cultural events.

Tuesday: A series of encounters and discussions with military, political, business and civil society stakeholders, who will offer their feedback on the policy recommendations set out in the Atlantic Memo, giving constructive advice as well as careful criticism. In the evening, the trip will move on to the second leg, in Dresden.

Wednesday: Further meetings with stakeholders are scheduled for the morning. Sightseeing in the afternoon and a pub tour in the evening.

Thursday: Fellows will travel to Berlin and meet with parliamentarians and government representatives. Afterwards, they will also discuss among themselves the input and feedback received over the previous two days before they will present the Atlantic Memo in a public event and disccuss their main analyses and ideas with think tankers and decision-makers.

Friday: Departure. (Fellows are welcome to stay longer in Berlin at their own expense.)

Reflection (March 6-31, 2017)

After returning from the expedition, the participants will be able to write further articles to express thoughts and ideas inspired by their interactions with other fellows and with stakeholders. A second version of the memo, ammended to reflect changed opinions and feedback received during the trip, will then be published.

Interested in taking part? Apply today.