If I am not a German or US citizen, can I still participate?
Unfortunately, due to grant restrictions, participation in the fellowship trips is reserved for people with German or US nationality. However, we welcome article submissions, to be published on our website, from anybody.

Are undergraduate students allowed to participate?

Yes, provided you meet the age requirement of 20-35.

Does participation in the first expedition preclude me from participation in the second?

Yes. You may only participate in one of the two expeditions, as well as in the final trip to the Atlantic Basecamp in Berlin, though the latter is conditional on being a distinguished contributor to one of the two expeditions, and to their respective policy memos.

If my application for the first expedition has been unsuccessful, am I still entitled to apply for the second?

Yes, you’re most welcome to apply to the second.

How much of the cost of the trips is covered?

Accommodation, food and travel included in the trip itinerary are fully covered by the fellowship. For those crossing the Atlantic, a maximum of 900,- EUR in travel allowances is awarded, while fellows travelling domestically are entitled to 380,- EUR.

How do I get to and from the trip? How much are plane tickets?

Skyscanner.com and rome2rio.com offer useful services for finding cheap flights, and flight and train combinations, for getting from one location to another.