Berlin, March 2018

30 of the most distinguished fellows from the two expeditions — 15 Americans and 15 Germans — will be invited to the Atlantic Base Camp in Berlin, to take place in March/April 2018. This final trip will go a step further in connecting tomorrow’s leaders with today’s; fellows will enjoy a private dinner reception with leading politicians and stakeholders in transatlantic matters, presenting the opportunity for free, off-the-record conversation. Other activities include a public presentation of the Atlantic Action Plan (before which candidates will receive tailored public-speaking training), and the opportunity to explore Berlin, to take in the many cultural landmarks and events it has to offer.

The Atlantic Action Plan is based on the work from all Fellows of the first and second expedition:


I. Foundation
Rationale/Relevance, Values, Interests, Actors

II. Issues & Policy Recommendations
Defense, trade, climate change & energy policy, migration, integration & development policy,  education, tech policy.

III. Strategy & Communication
Fresh ideas and creative approaches on:

Strategy/ Narrative

Communication/ Agenda Setting

IV. Outlook

VI. Fellows